Operation Patriot Care Package’s mission is to raising the Nations awareness  the military families situation. We want to give these families an opportunity to be seen, to be heard in their own words and share their story.

With less than one percent of the Nation serving in uniform very few Americans have any firsthand knowledge or understanding what a Military Family sacrifices for ALL of us. Ask anyone who has deployed overseas what’s the hardest part of a yearlong combat deployment and they will tell you, “Deploying is the easy part. The hard part of service is carried by our loved ones that are left at home to serve silently…. alone, not knowing what is happening to us. That’s the hardest part of a deployment”

To support the families of America’s War Fighters overseas. We provide a place and a time with a common goal for the families to come together and share a meal and camaraderie. Giving the kids a place to make something special for Dad or Mom. Then individually stuffing each care package for their loved ones to be shipped overseas. We provide most all the material that goes into the boxes and pay for the shipping.

We’ll follow the packages to Iraq and Afghanistan to their loved ones. Spending time with the soldiers on daily missions outside the wire depicting the life they lead. We’re there to film the packages arrive, the reaction and impact it has on these Americans so far from home. Purposely giving the soldiers an opportunity to be heard. Ultimately distributing the video any way we can.

Knowledge and understand is a powerful tool when armed with the reality of the human element. Again, it’s about awareness. So by raising the conscious mind of the general public we hope to bring back a human quality to these Americans that has been lost in the national conversation. Hopefully lowering everyone’s tone.

Operation Patriot Care Package does not receive any government or public funding. This mission will only continue through private donations. So if you’re looking for a way to support America’s military families… this is it.

Thank you